You love your guy like crazy and are willing to go to any extent to keep him happy and satisfied. In return he fusses over you and showers you with unnecessary gifts. You feel extremely happy because you think he truly cares. However, in many relationships this often happens to be only a display of love and affection; a display intended to conceal selfish interests.

We are so blinded by the emotions that we fail to see through all the pretence. We fail to read the signals. It is only when things get sour that you realize he has been playing all along. How you wish you had understood earlier!

So, if you suspect your boyfriend is only using you, here are signs you could use to determine if your inklings are true or false.


1. He has no time for you; His priorities take top spot

You chase after him. Make sure dates and dinners are decided as per his convenience. You pay special attention to his likes and dislikes. Not only this, you have to make yourself available for him whenever he requires. On the contrary, when time comes to give back he makes excuses of how he is busy. When you ask for a favor to be done, he refuses (once in a while is fine; however doing so repeatedly calls for attention.) or agrees and never keeps his word. This is because he doesn’t even care half as much as you do.

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