A Salute to the Women of Style and Substance

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The modern day woman stands for beauty and strength. She has now moved out of the four walls of her home to create an identity for herself. Not only this, she strives to do the best she can to change and correct the flaws of the society.

The world has produced a number of beautiful, powerful and confident daughters in different walks of life who dared to and did their bit to change the world. There are many who continue to inspire us with their lives while some have left a legacy for us to learn by. Indeed, their lives are worth emulating!

On this the 103th International Women’s Day, we salute and commend the efforts of these beautiful women.

1. Michelle Obama

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She is the First Lady of the United States, but is not on our list only for the sake of her political status. She has been in the news for her fashionable sense of dressing and has become a style icon most women look up to. To add to it is her contribution towards the improvement of the society. She is a staunch advocate of health eating and was the first to host the Kid’s State Dinner. She also campaigns for veteran rights and poverty awareness.

Michelle Obama has featured in the list of “Best dressed” and the “The World’s most inspiring women”. She truly is a source of inspiration for us women.

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