When it comes to tattoo design inspirations we generally look up to celebrities. They have been and will always remain the trendsetters in the industry. But, there is one celebrity who has left many a people questioning the reasons for her unusual tattoo designs.

The chic and flamboyant singer, Rihanna, is popular for her sense of style. She is known to defy the conventions be it her choice of apparel or hairstyles. Whatever her choices, she pulls off every look with confidence and flair. This time she has grabbed the attention for her tiny gun tattoo.

In a recent tete-a-tete with Elle UK magazine, Rihanna speaks about her relationship with Chris Brown, her future plans and her song “Stay”. Along with this, she gives us a glimpse of all her tattoos through the Elle Photo shoot for the cover and explains why she decided to get them done.

Every one sure remembers the ugly 2009 Grammy incident involving Chris Brown and “Stay’ singer Rihanna. Rihanna says that she is unaffected by what people think about the incident that made the headlines everywhere way back in 2009. She has however moved on and has only vague memories of that dark event in her life.

Rihanna begins by saying that everyone was interested in the happenings of her life. They speculated that probably she was a drug addict, an alcoholic or a victim. However, she corrects them and reasserts that she wasn’t either of them. “That’s why I got a gun,” she tells the magazine. To her the gun is a symbol of strength and she reassures that she shall never be a victim. The gun tattoo inked on the right side of her torso was clearly visible in the photos shot by Marino Vivanco in Paris for the magazine’s April Issue. This tattoo was inked months after she was brutalized by her boyfriend Chris Brown.

The gun tattoo is only one of the many tattoos she has inked on her body. Besides it, she displays another large tattoo adorning her foot. It is an Egyptian like Falcon tattoo that also resembles a gun in some ways. This tattoo was inked a couple of days after Brown was caught up in a bottle-throwing scuffle with rapper Drake at the New York City night club in the summer of 2012.

The 25 year old’s interview with Elle UK magazine was not only restricted to her creative tattoo designs. She did not shy away from commenting on her relationship with Chris Brown. “A great Friendship, that’s unbreakable. Now that we’re adults, we can do this right. We got a fresh start, and I’m thankful for that,” Rihanna said of Brown.

She also did not mind divulging a few details on her personal life speaking to Elle UK reporter, Mark Allen on where she saw herself five years down the line. She says she sees herself with a child. However, at present, she wants to strengthen her friendship with her “Don’t wake me up” singer beau. She appreciates this second chance and hopes to make the best of it. All she desires five years from now is health and happiness.

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