Fasting. Cleanse. Juice Fast. Detox. No matter what you call it – we see articles everywhere about a new detox program or cleanse. But is cleansing really necessary?

I will share reasons why I recommend periodic cleansing for everyone! First of all we live in a toxic world – our air, water and food are toxic and then there are toxic thoughts, emotions and relationships which directly affect our physical bodies. Every thought and emotion releases specific hormones and chemicals. Positive, loving, life-affirming ones release healing chemical compounds and negative, fearful, angry, anxious ones release toxic chemicals coursing through your body. Not only that, just the normal processes of living each day produce metabolic, toxic waste! Your body is created to constantly eliminate them, but we are exposed to many more than our overworked bodies can handle.

Hundreds of brand-new chemicals are manufactured every day and they all end up in our environment. No matter how clean you try to eat or avoid toxic chemicals, we are all exposed to them daily.

Here are some statistics:

  • It’s estimated that up to 80% of all cancers are a direct result of chemicals in our air, water and food.
  • Indoor air may contain concentrations of up to 100 times more chemicals than outdoor air!
  • Processed foods which form the basis of the Standard American Diet are loaded with toxic, artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, flavors and chemicals.
  • There are over 1,000 different pesticides in use in this country and they end up in our food and water. 125 million pounds of chemical fertilizers are dumped on our soil daily.
  • According to the FDA itself, there are over 50 different known poisons and toxins in the average American’s shopping cart.
  • Prescription drugs cause triple the number of deaths caused by all illegal drugs combined. In fact they kill over 100,000 Americans every year.
  • During a 10 minute shower the body absorbs chlorine equal to drinking 20 gallons of tap water. Chlorine is a powerful toxin we absorb through our skin and lungs as we breathe it in.
  • Almost half of the rivers and lakes in America are too polluted for fishing and swimming.


Top 7 Reasons

Ok so how can a periodic detox or cleanse improve your health? Here are my top 7 reasons to make this part of your lifestyle:

1. Overall health and well-being

Toxins are stored in tissues, organs and cells throughout your body and being exposed to them long-term affects immunity, metabolism, hormones and overall health and well-being. If you just don’t feel your best, this could be the reason why.

2. Various symptoms

Do you experience various, seemingly unrelated symptoms like joint pain, headaches, rashes, insomnia and fatigue? They may just be linked to toxicity.

3. Obesity

Since many toxins are stored in fat cells, it makes losing weight more difficult because they affect your metabolism and natural ability to lose weight. And we all know what a big problem obesity is today.

4. Immune system

If you are one of those people who seems to catch every bug and germ that comes around, your immune system may not be operating at peak performance. Regular detoxing helps strengthen the function of your immune system and enables your body to fight infection as well.

5. Skin problems

Do you find yourself dealing with acne, rashes and other skin problems you never had before? Your skin is your largest organ of elimination and toxins will be released from there too.

6. Depression

Do you struggle with depression and feeling down emotionally? How about foggy thinking? Cleansing has been linked to better mental and emotional clarity and improved memory.

7. PMS

If you find you are dealing with hormonal issues like PMS, you may be surprised at what an improvement a cleanse can make.

I hope I’ve convinced you of the benefits of periodic detoxing. In the next post I will share some simple ways to do just that!

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