Over the entire last week you’ve noticed you’ve not been sleeping well. You go to sleep in time, but wakeup suddenly in the middle of the night. Many-a-times, there is no specific reason for it. And worst is when you try to go back to sleep, you realize it is not at all easy. You lie awake, toss and turn in bed, get restless but there is not a wink of sleep.

There are several who suffer sleepless nights. Lack of sleep has various physical and mental consequences on the body. It can have a deep impact on one’s personal and professional life. Therefore, sleep deprivation should not be left untreated.

For all those struggling to get a good night’s sleep, here are a handful of sleep mantras we believe should help. They are easy and go beyond the conventional method of popping in sleeping pills. We have also shed light on the importance of getting sound and adequate sleep.

1. Why is it important to sleep well?

The body works continuously throughout the day. The organs perform varied functions to keep you going. At the end of the day it deserves some rest which it should get in the form of sleep. An adult should get minimum 8 hours of sleep every day.

The inability to sleep has negative effects on the body. The common impacts include droopy eyes and formation of dark circles around the eyes. One becomes irritable and moody. The person experiences drowsiness, lowered mental awareness and responsiveness, dull headaches and nausea. Constant feeling of tiredness, lack of concentration and attention and slower reflexes and actions are other results of improper and inadequate sleep. People who are sleep deprived display a higher tendency of contracting illnesses and infection because of a poor immune system.


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