The news of the infamous altercation between the singer Justin Bieber and his Los Angeles neighbor has spread like wild fire everywhere. The young starlet has invited flak for allegedly spitting on his neighbor during the quarrel. Things are taking a turn for the worst with Los Angeles authorities suggesting probable prosecution for the star in the case.

Reports describing the incident state that argument took place on the morning of 26th March. At around 8 a.m. Justine Bieber’s new Ferrari arrived on a flat bed truck. Bieber took the vehicle for a ride driving around the neighborhood at a very high speed of 100mph. This upset the neighbor who went over to Bieber’s estate and yelled “You can’t drive like this.” However, in retaliation the Baby singer told his neighbor to “Get the f—k out of here. I’m gonna f—king kill you” before spitting in his face.

The complainant has been identified as Jeff Schwartz. He is a 47 year old business man and father of three. He is a resident of The Calabasas; Calif. This is the same gated community is which the young starlet recently purchased and moved into a $6.5 million home.

Enraged by Bieber’s behavior Schwartz has filed a Battery report and is not willing to back pedal at any cost.  He has complained about Bieber’s reckless driving around the gated community along with friends which includes Lil Twist. Adding fuel to the fire, were reports that Justin Bieber not only spat on his neighbor, but also threatened him.

According to the details provided to TMZ by law enforcement sources, the police authorities investigating the case have planned to refer it to the L.A. County District Attorney for further review. They propose to do so as soon as the investigation is completed. The County Sheriff’s Department will suggest that criminal battery charges be recorded against Bieber. The Los Angeles District Attorney has termed the spitting event as a “potential serious health concern” and “Disgusting”.

The decision to take strict action against him is not only on account of his altercation with his neighbor. They are pulling him up for several past events as well as this is not the first time Justin Bieber has made the headlines for disruptive behavior. There are several events to populate his list of faults and breach of law and these include speeding tickets, threats, fights, reckless, driving, drugs and a lot more. We do not know if you have been keeping up with the news of recent, but only last week his poor pet monkey was detained in Germany because he attempted to take it through customs. He was also involved in a serious brawl with a photographer in London three weeks ago outside a concert venue.

The investigators are of the view that Justin Bieber’s actions if uncontrolled would result in cases of serious proportion in future.

Justine Bieber is turning out to be an angry young man. All we would like to say, this young man should soon control his anger before its gets him into serious trouble. Besides, the law applies to all and there are no exceptions.

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