All this while, we’ve only been speculating on Rihanna and Chris Brown’s on-off relationship. At one moment they announce they have reconciled their relationship and the next they have decided to part ways for their own good. But, today, we finally have something different to talk about- Rihanna’s pregnancy.

Reports about Rihanna’s pregnancy surfaced after the songstress canceled two tour dates last month and another two this week attributing it to illness. Some state it is only a rumor. But, what is worth noting is the singer has still said nothing to refute the claims or call them only “rumors”.

Is it true then that Rihanna is expecting her first child? And, if she is, is this boyfriend Chris Brown’s child? You can read on to know the exclusive details.

On Tuesday, Rihanna was spotted leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills. She said she was doing a lot better but did not mention anything concerning the pregnancy talk making rounds in the news circles.

The Diamond World Tour kicked on March 8th and Rihanna has already cancelled 4 concert dates. Sources close to the singer told TMZ news magazine that she was suffering from a throat infection. However, it has been a month now and Rihanna is still recovering from the illness. This has forced critics to question if it is only a throat infection or something else. One month seems a little too long for a throat infection doesn’t it? Besides, the details divulged to media persons are very scant and ambiguous. To add to gossip are the reports of the child being boyfriend Chris Brown’s baby.

Rihanna’s camp states that the songbird is still on the road to recovery and have denied the pregnancy rumors. Another source told that she is “just sick, and that’s really it,” and went on to clarify “She is not pregnant.”

In reply to a fan’s Instagram post, Rihanna said “I am sad and disappointed about it. I had all kinds of plans for Houston.” A regular on Twitter, she has not explained, justified or denied the pregnancy rumors. The songbird only took to Twitter to express her sorrow and pay respects to victims of the Boston Bombing. She tweeted yesterday, “Praying for the fallen soldiers” with the additional # PrayForBoston.

Not long time ago in March Rihanna revealed to Elle Magazine that she plans to settle down soon and will probably have a kid five years down the line. She also added, “now that we’re adults we can do this right. We got a fresh start and I am thankful for that.” The estranged couple reconciled recently after the dark night of 2009. The pretty sassy songbird also hinted that she would like Chris Brown to father her child.

About Rihanna’s pregnancy, some new reports are positive while some are negative. As far as our news desk is concerned, we are still to receive a confirmation on the same. But, you needn’t worry because should there be any good news we will keep you posted.


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