Whenever given a chance we gape at Hollywood beauties – Their flawless skin and radiance turns us green with envy. How in the world do they manage to preserve their youthfulness while ours fades away? Do they have access to a fountain of youth we are totally unaware of?

Hollywood beauties do have access to advanced beauty treatments that contribute largely to improving the appearance of their skin. I’m, sure you’re already wishing they could share some with you. However, if we tell you what they do, we vouch you will rethink your decision.

So, here’s a roundup of the strangest and most bizarre Hollywood beauty secrets.

1. Bird Poop Facial

Bird Poo Facial (Uguisu no fun) Extra Geisha skincare Japanese

Say it again? Bird Poop facial is the first beauty secret most Hollywood celebs swear by. Bird droppings are the main ingredient in this facial. Bird poop facial came to be used as a beauty treatment for the first time in Japan. For this reason it is also called the Geisha facial. It leaves skin smooth and silky. Bird Poop is used as the chief ingredient since it contains large proportions of urea which makes the skin soft. It is reported that David and Victoria Beckham, make use of a facial composed of nightingale excrement, water and rice bran.

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