The latest update on the Kim Kardashian Divorce trial states that the reality star’s estranged husband Kris Humphries decided to skip the hearing scheduled on Friday 12th April. Whatever the reasons for his no-show, his behavior left many red with fury including Kim, her boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West and of course the Judge.

On Friday, 12th April Kim Kardashian, the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star arrived early at the Los Angeles Court for the mandatory settlement conference concerning her divorce case. Known to live a very ostentatious life, the star arrived surrounded by security guards and made her entry via a back entrance. She looked well turned out for the occasion in a white dress paired with white trousers. She wore her hair back in a high slick ponytail and not a strand was out of place. The otherwise jovial star wore a very serious look. However, before she could take a seat she joked to the deputies saying, “I always wanted to be a juror.”

Much to her disappointment, her estranged husband of 72 days Kris Humphries did not show up at the court hearing. She sat silently with her hands crossed on her lap carefully listening to Hank Goldberg explain to reporters regarding the close of the hearing. The reality star came to the hearing alone unaccompanied by her mother Kris Jenner, boyfriend Kanye West or any other of her family members. “I can’t believe the respondent [Humphries] didn’t show up today,” Kardashian’s attorney Laura Wasser told People Magazine after hearing concluded.

The Superior court judge Hank Goldberg has decided to give Kim Kardashian and husband Kris Humphries another opportunity to settle their divorce case. The date is fixed for 19th April. The judge has insisted that it is compulsory for the NBA player to attend the proceedings this time. The court has also scheduled a hearing for an Order to Show Cause and to decide whether Kris Humphries will be fined for skipping Friday’s mandatory settlement hearing. He will accordingly have to explain the reason for his absence at the proceedings.

A source speaking to said that Kanye West was very annoyed and upset because Kris didn’t show up. However, there were other reports stating that Kris’s attendance was actually not required at the hearing.

“It irks everybody involved to know how f**king shiesty [Kris] is,” the source explains. ” Kanye don’t care that it makes him look bad in court for not showing up, he just wants this s**t over and so does Kim!” The source adds, “It’s just sad this s**t is taking so long, and this dude is going to try to drag this s**t on forever.”

Kim Kardashian (32) and Kris Humphries (28) wed on August 20th, 2010 in a televised wedding ceremony that cost almost $10 million. However, within 72 days of their marriage Kim announced her decision to end it. She said in her statement that she had hoped the relationship would last, but things didn’t work out they way they had planned and so it was better ended. Kris Humphries on the contrary justified that he was committed to this relationship and would do anything to make it work. Thereafter the two have shared a bitter relationship and none have made any efforts to reconcile it.

The Brooklyn Nets forward player wants to annul the marriage on the grounds of fraud. He believes that the reality star married him only for fame and to raise the popularity of her reality show. The star and her attorney however denied the allegations. Kim is in favor of a traditional divorce. Since then they have been arguing as to how their marriage should be ended. Anyway, only the court proceeding on April 19th will tell.


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