You maybe a master at crafting attention-grabbing hairstyles; however for all those mornings when there is no time to experiment with your messy mane, you prefer something easy and quick. I can bet most of you settle for the ponytail or a bun. Crisis hairstyles, right? Totally taken! But just because they are simple to create they need not be boring.

Right here, you can learn 12 tips to add spice to your ponytail. Give others the impression that you spent hours in front of the mirror.

  1. Curl it up: Instead of leaving the ends lose, you can curl them for a soft feminine look. Use a 1 ½ inch curling iron to get the task done.
  2. Sweep it high: You can also wear your ponytail high sitting on the top of your head. It suits girls with a stocky frame as it elongates the torso.
  3. Wear it low: Low ponytails worn at the nape and below that draw attention to your jaw and neckline.
  4. Side Peek: You can also wear your ponytail low to one side letting it rest on your shoulder. Low side ponytails look good when they are messier. You can tease the hair at the crown or at the ends.
  5. Super sleek: The sleek pulled-back ponytail (Kim Kardashian ponytail look) creates a sophisticated look. Take some gel and apply it all the way from the roots to the ends. Comb your hair backwards gathering it in a high ponytail at the crown and secure it with an elastic band. You can also iron your hair if you want it poker straight.
  6. Puff it up: This is the opposite of super sleek. Adding height and volume flatters facial features. Your first option is add a puff top-front. Second, you can tease the hair at the crown pulling the end in a ponytail. This one creates a retro look and elongates round faces.
  7. Side Braids: Adding braids are another way to dress up your ponytail. Braid the side sections of your hair, on both the sides, taking it to the back of your head. Tie it up in a pony tail. Besides this, you can braid one side section or go for the rope braid traveling down the centre of your head into the ponytail or create a braided crown.
  8. Bohemian Twist: In this style, you can replace the braids with the bohemian twists. Take them along the sides to meet symmetrically at the base of the head. You can also pull one all the way to the other side ending in a low side ponytail.
  9. Blair Waldorf: If you have some time on your hands, you can create the chic and artistic Blair Waldorf ponytail. It is more like a double twist pony, but is has a criss-cross braided look. This ponytail sits low at the nape.
  10. Add accents: Leave the styling for a while and add a crafty touch by simply adding an accessory. You can wear a decorative clip or secure a sprig of fresh flowers in the elastic band. Flowers look good for a garden party or a brunch. You can also amp up your look with a headband.
  11. Hide the elastic: Now this one’s an old trick. Elastic bands tend to look tacky. Grab a section of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. Secure the end of this section with a small bobby pin. If you can manage it, you can also tie your hair in a bow or a loose knot.
  12. Pin-up extensions: In some cases, women with shorter hair tend to look older with a ponytail. You can add length by clipping in extensions.
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