We all want to come out looking great in photographs (it is more now that we live in an age of selfies), but often we end up with a botched up picture. You’ve either been clicked with your mouth wide open or your eyes half closed. For many, it is their makeup playing spoilsport. More often than not, it is the ugly white tint of a mismatched foundation or an extremely loud-looking eye shadow

I am sure you don’t want the spotlight on you for all the wrong reasons. So, here’s a guide to nailing the perfect photograph with the right makeup tips. Check them out.

1. Apply a primer –

You cannot forgo the primer. The primer creates for an even skin tone serving as the perfect base for the foundation applied over it. It fills in the lines and other imperfections that are easily highlighted by the camera. It also makes sure your makeup lasts longer.

2. Get the right shade of foundation –

The shade of foundation should always be closest to your skin tone.  If you go for one that is too pale in comparison to your natural skin color, it shows the contrast when the flash hits it.

3. Apply foundation to your neck –

Often, when applying foundation, we stop at the jaw line. As a result, in photographs, your face has a different color as compared to that of the neck. Dust a thin layer of foundation to create an even color.

4. Mix under eye-concealer –

Concealer does the trick when it comes to hiding under-eye dark circles. To make it more effective, you blend it into your foundation.  This way it does not show as a white film under the foundation.

5. Use matte colors –

Matte colors are low on the shine and shimmer. The shine and shimmer tends to reflect light on your face when photographed creating a very oily look.

6. Fill in the eyebrows –

Your eyebrows go a long way in framing your face, so you might as well guess what patchy eye brows might do to your look. If you have naturally sparse eyebrows, try filling them in with a dark brow pencil.

7. Add a few eyelashes –

Eyelashes, especially curled ones will highlight your eyes and open them up making them the focal point of the photograph. Add the falsies along the corners of your eyes.

8. Never go without lipstick –

After the eyes, your lips are the focal point of your face. Hence, do not skip it. You can highlight your pout with a bold lip color. If your look includes bold shades for eye shadow, balance the lips with a nude shade.

9. Use lip liner to trace the contours –

A lip liner works in different ways. It gives your lips definition. It keeps the lipstick from bleeding.  It can also be used to restructure your lips as in make thinner lips look wider and vice versa.

10. Add color to your cheeks with blush –

No blush makeup creates a washed out look. It looks worse under heavy flash. Choose a hue that matches your skin color. You can go bright, but only make sure you blend it well one the apples of your cheeks and along the edges.

11. Frame the face with bronzer –

The bronzer should always be a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. It should be applies along the chin, the corners of the forehead, under the cheekbones and on either side of the nose. Use the bronzer sparingly.

12. Use dark eye shadows –

Use dark eye shadows instead of pale pastel shades. The latter looks paler under the flashlight. Avoid using dark eye shadows under the lower eyelid.

13. Liquid liner and mascara –

If you’ve always used pencil eyeliners, it is time to upgrade to liquid liners. They add more depth and definition. Black mascara instead of lighter browns will also make your eyes pop.

14. Dab some powder –

Once you are done applying your makeup, dust loose powder on your skin.  It sets the makeup and also avoids oily patches from showing up especially in the T-zone areas. Use yellow tinted powder instead of the regular translucent ones. You can also carry blotting paper to dab the oil before you stand for a photograph.

15. Apply makeup in natural light –

To be sure of how your makeup looks, you should always apply it in natural light.  Colored indoor lights can alter how makeup looks. As result, we either apply too little or too much.  When applying step out into natural light to see how you look or click a Selfie.


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