A lot happened in the lives of the two young starlets Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the Billboard Music Awards 2013. But, the most unexpected event that caught everyone’s attention was a hug and a kiss the 19 year old star received from his ex flame. But, one of the onlookers didn’t look too pleased and was captured sticking her tongue out.

What did the affectionate hug and kiss connote? And, who was that witness who didn’t careless to express her emotions? You can find out below.

On Sunday 19th, at the Billboard Music Awards presentation ceremony held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas cameras backstage captured Selena Gomez greeting her ex-boyfriend Justine with a hug and a kiss. Both the starlets had completed their performances for the night.

The entire moment was filmed and the video is now being circulated on major tabloids all over the web. The clip shows Selena Gomez entering accompanied by Taylor Swift and other members of the entourage. She spots the “Come and Get it” star chatting with a friend. Selena makes her way through the horde of staffers to reach the “Baby” hitmaker who was also surrounded by staffers. She affectionately wraps her arm around her ex-boyfriend while he leans to kiss her on the cheek. This comes not even a week after the 20 year old songstress and actor announced to a Boston radio station Kiss 108 that she is “single”.

Not far away stood the duo’s close friend Taylor Swift. She looked pretty in her blue sparkly outfit by Zuhair Murad. Surprisingly, she made a mockery of the couple’s intimate moment pulling funny faces, smiling, giggling and sticking her tongue out. And to her bad luck and the good fortune of fans it was captured live on cameras.

Soon after the event Selena proudly posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “Vegas hug + kiss”.

Both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez made sure not to be spotted together at the Billboards Music Awards 2013. Although there were reports that adjacent seats had been reserved for the two, they sat separate throughout the awards presentation ceremony. Selena Gomez had BFF Taylor Swift by her side all through the evening.

We were to some extent convinced that what Selena had revealed to the Boston Radio station was true. But, the backstage peck and hug forced us to think again. So what do you say we make of it – Love brewing between the two again or was it an impromptu act?

Selena and Justin arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday. They were photographed together on Saturday evening at The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil at the Mirage. They snacked on peanut M&Ms and Mike and Ikes candy.

“The pair got close and comfortable in their seats while snacking on peanut M&Ms and Mike and Ikes candy,” a source reported to E!News.

Young though they are this couple seems smart at tricking the paparazzi. For all you know they may be actually on while declaring their off


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