As a parent, we all want to hear praise of our children. How respectful they are, how they mind their manners in front of others and so on. However, no mother can proudly claim that her little princess or fighter boy is a saint.

There is either a complaint from the teacher for she pulled a classmates’ pigtail or from a fellow parent because he pushed someone down on the playground. You are forced to complain too when pencils and erasers go missing regularly from your kid’s pencil box or every time he or she comes home crying thanks to some big bully at school.

It is often said that you should let kids sort their own issues. However, you just cannot leave it that. It is your duty to check your child’s behavior and get them on the right path. And this duty generally falls on the shoulders of the mother.

Experts suggest that the correct time to start teaching your children manners is at the age of 1 ½ or 2 because once children form their habits and notions it is very difficult to convince about what is right and wrong. So, here are some of the manners you should teach your toddler.


1. Please and Thank you

Saying “Please” and “Thank you” is the first on our list. It can be inculcated in children as young as 2. Insist that your child says please when asking for something and thank you he receives something.

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