Dark circles are very unsightly. You loathe their presence because they rob your face of its glow and give you a very dull and tired look. There are many cosmetic products available for dark circles and puffy eyes. However, they are packed with chemicals that are harsh on the skin. Not only this, several among these are expensive and only a temporary relief. A few also entail serious side effects.

If you’ve been suffering sleepless nights and are plagued by the problem of dark circles and under eye puffiness, here are some quick fixes for it. We bring to you natural and effective home remedies for dark circles. So, get ready to brighten those peepers.

1. Cucumber juice and slices


If you have very prominent dark circles, start stealing cucumber slices from your salad and apply them to your eyes. Place slices of freshly cut cucumber on both the eyes for some time. Cucumber soothes the eyes and helps lighten darken circles. Along with this, you can apply cucumber juice to your eyelids. Use a cotton ball to do so. Leave it overnight for the best results. You can also apply it for 15 minutes and then rinse with plain water. This routine should be followed daily. There is one more recipe. Take two teaspoons of finely grated cucumber with half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the eyes and wash it after 10 minutes.

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