“What’s so difficult in applying mascara? “ I can hear many of you ask. True, applying mascara is not as difficult. It is in fact the easiest of eye makeup. And, with brushes and applicators designed especially for this purpose, the task just gets easier.

Unfortunately not everyone knows the right technique to apply mascara. Beginners are the ones who struggle the most. The result we often see clumps of mascara sitting at the tips of the eyelashes or the coat is so thick that it literally fuses the lashes together. In some cases the mascara is only half applied.

A clear coat of mascara adds length and volume to the eyelashes. It draws attention to your eyes lending a subtle elegant and flirty look. On the contrary, messy mascara does not only make you look shabby but plays down your other makeup as well. So, if you’ve been struggling to get the mascara right, we will guide you from scratch. Are you ready?


1. Tame those eyelashes

Start by curling the eyelashes with an eyelash curler. There are two advantages of doing so, first it increases the ease of application and second it adds length to the lashes making them stand out. However, this step is optional and can be skipped.

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