When the winters come calling, we stow away all our trendy spring and summer wear. Long furry coats and boots become staples in a woman’s wardrobe for the next few months. Winter is sure not a season to don shorts, skirts and dresses, but it is also not a season that calls for a fashion break.

This article sheds light on winter fashion tips for women. You can learn how to dress stylishly while being wrapped in warmth. You don’t have to shop for new pieces of clothing; it only calls for a reinvention of the manner in which wear you dress up. So, get ready to take down a few tips.

1. Coats, Cardigans and Blazers

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Winter coats have no longer remained the long, loose ones that lacked a touch of style and elegance. Today’s winter coats and cardigans are made in classy designs and exude a very professional look. They are tailored to fit and complement a woman’s body.

Winter coats for women are made in fabrics such as tweed, wool, corduroy and denim. The first three material choices are suitable for women who live in areas with very harsh weather conditions. They can be worn long or short; short is actually in vogue. Denim winter coats are usually shorter in length and embellished with fur collars. They are great to wear in regions that do not experience very severe winters. Pair a denim jacket with a full length dress or a short dress and leggings and you are ready to go.

Your next option is cardigans. Cardigans are a stylish way to layer clothing and stay warm. Cardigans are available in styles such as open front, button up, zip up and tie front styles. You can wear the cardigan over a fashionable short sleeve top or T-shirt.

We always assume that the blazer is an essential item of a suit. However a blazer can also be worn separately provided you layer and match properly. You can throw a blazer over a long sleeved shirt and team it with a pair of wool pants or jeans. It looks smart and crisp and can be conveniently worn to office in the winter season.

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