Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took the world by surprise when they called it quits in June 2012. The two Hollywood stars rocked the red carpets as a couple. They looked so much in love that no one, not even the insiders, could foresee an end to their five year long relationship. But, surprisingly we were not the only ones to misread their marriage. Tom Cruise was taken aback by Katie Holmes decision on divorce too.

This comes almost 1 year after Tom and Katie’s decision to part ways and we wonder why he kept mum for so long. Anyway it’s better late than never! You can read more of what the “Oblivion” star had to say right here.

In a recent interview with German TV network, Prosieben, Tom Cruise opened up on his much-popularized break up with Katie Holmes and its aftermath. The 50 year old actor is busy touring the world to promote his upcoming Sci-fi movie Oblivion. This is the first time he has spoken about the divorce since June 2012. However, he did not mention the reason for the split.

The actor admitted that he was shocked when his wife and starlet Katie Holmes (34) filed for divorce on 29th June 2012. It was only 5 days before his milestone birthday and a very bad gift indeed. “I didn’t expect it,” he told German TV network. The two were married for five years and have a 6 year old daughter Suri. The court awarded Katie full custody of their daughter Suri while Tom cruise was given extensive visitation rights. Tom Cruise recently hired a private jet for Suri to come visit him. The jet will be based at Manhattan Heliport and will be permanently available to Suri after her seventh birthday on April 18th.

Contemplating on life in general and his relationship in particular he added, “Life is challenge. To be 50 and to have experiences and to think you have a grip on everything and then it hits you- this is it, what life can do to you.” Masking the pain of his failed marriage he went on to compare life to a “Tragicomedy” and said that one needs to have a sense of humor. Tom Cruise stated that he got involved in work and that help him get over the split. “I had an unbelievable time to think about it,’ he said.

Though the initial days post the breakup was painful, Katie and Tom have now gathered their lives and moved on. Only last month Adam Shankman, the Rock of Ages director confirmed that the two were happy and back to work. “I’ve just been emailing with Tom. He’s coming back. He’s shooting in London and seems as happy as a clam,” he told US Weekly.

Meanwhile Katie Holmes has carved out a new life without her ex-spouse Tom. She lives with daughter Suri in New York City. She was spotted endorsing her fashion line “Holmes and Yang”. The Holmes and Yang fashion line made its debut at the New York Fashion Week in September last year.

This is the third divorce for Tom Cruise. He was previously married to actress Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman and has two children Isabella 19 and Connor 17.


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