7 Nasty Things People Say to a Bride and Groom… Don’t be Surprised if You’re Getting Hitched

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Everyone was after you to tie the knot and settle down. And when you and your fiancé finally made the announcement, congratulations poured in from all over. But, surprisingly it didn’t seem like everyone was happy with your decision. A few comments you received left you tongue tied. You wanted to give back, but decided just to laugh it off for the sake of the relationship.

Many-a-times to-be-brides and grooms are faced with such rude and nasty comments that they fail to understand how to react. If you ask us we would say just shrug it off. But, if you’re getting hitched soon you sure need to know how some of these nasty one-liners look. We also have some advice to help stand them patiently.


1. Don’t you think it is too soon? I mean are you sure you’re ready?

Majority of the ones to utter this statement are an unmarried acquaintance. They push you to the edge and make you believe you’ve made the wrong decision. Don’t let it bother you. Remember it’s just a projection of their fears towards committing in a relationship. Tell him or her politely that you definitely are ready and have no second thoughts about it.

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