Stress has taken over our lives. Right from children to parents to senior members of the society everyone is battling stress in one form or the other. However, if we had to grade the level of stress suffered by each, women definitely get the largest share.

Women are stuck between so many responsibilities. They shoulder all these responsibilities to the best of their ability, but there are times when they do feel stressed out. They experience job stress, problems at home, children’s responsibilities and other personal issues.

Excessive stress takes a toll on mental and physical health. It affects ones performance. It can be cosmetically damaging as well. Therefore, nipping the problem in the bud is important. This article sheds light on the different strategies one could use to manage stress effectively.

1. Exercise, Exercise and Exercise

Health professionals recommend exercise as one of the most effective ways to manage stress. Exercise releases endorphins the ‘feel good’ hormones that help alleviate stress and better mood. Engaging in physical activity also diverts your attention and helps you get over things easily. Another benefit of exercising is it will keep you in the best form.

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