I’m sure you must have heard the saying – ‘The first impression is the last impression’. There is no place where this idiom fails to apply. Dress rules may not be so strict and severe elsewhere, but the wrong dress code to an interview is an unpardonable offence.

Nobody wants to employ a person who is shabby and shoddy in appearance. Remember you have only one chance to impress your employers and convey to them that there is no other person more suitable for the job role than yourself. And your dress conveys a lot in this regard.

Having elaborated on the importance of the right attire for an interview now is the time to ask what the right attire for an interview is. Dressing up for an interview is not only about what you wear, but also how you wear and carry it. You can find more information on how to dress for an interview below.

1. Clothes

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Scruffy dirty jeans, short skirts (one you find it difficult to even sit in) and T-shirts are an absolute no for an interview. A woman candidate about to face an interview should be either dressed in a pant or skirt suit. Another option is a pair of trousers or skirt (of proper length) with a coordinated blouse. Do not go for blouses with too many frills or those with plunging necklines. Avoid very bright colors. Opt instead for black, navy blue or dark grey. If you have any tattoos on your body, wear clothing that will cover them effectively. Clothes should be ironed and not crumpled or wrinkled.

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