If you’re getting married soon, several older women in your house must have already spoken to you about getting – “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver six pence in the shoe”.

This tradition has been followed for ages. Modern day brides collect all the items merely to fulfill the customary ritual. However, this adage has deep significance. The old, the new, the borrowed and the blue are not mere items. They are tokens of good luck and good wishes bestowed on the bride for the new life that lies ahead of her. The items are usually given by the female relatives of the bride- her mother, grandmother, sister or friends.

This article delves into the meaning of the adage. Also find creative ideas for choosing something old, new, borrowed and blue.


1. Something old

The “Old” represents the bride’s past life. It serves to link her present to her past. It is a symbol of the continuity of life.

Heirloom jewelry is the best option here. Families generally have a specific piece of jewelry that has been worn by every bride in the family. It could be a necklace, earrings, a bracelet or a broach. You can also wear a piece of jewelry that belongs to your mother or grandmother. Another idea in this category is an old lace handkerchief. Many brides even choose to wear their mother’s, grandmother’s or sister’s wedding dress with minor alterations.


2. Something new

Like the “something old” looks back on the past, the “New” stands for the life to come. It is a wish for health, happiness, joy and contentment in the new life being embarked upon.

This section offers great flexibility. Every item bought specifically for the occasion can serve as something new. It includes your wedding dress, a pair of brand new shoes, your head gear, a piece of jewelry or an undergarment.

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