A furtive look at a woman’s hands or feet reveals a set of neatly manicured nails painted in eye catching shades. And, not to forget the funky and creative nail art.

Like shoes and clothes, women love to fuss over their nails. They’ll clean their nails, trim them, file them, and do all they can to keep them in good shape. Not every woman has the time to indulge in nail art, but every woman looks out for good nail polish colors to invest in.

So, if you’re out on the market to buy nail paints for your makeup kit, here is a list of flattering nail polish colors you can splurge on rather you “should” splurge on.

1. Glamorous Red

OPI Alice in Wonderland Off with Her Red Nail Polish
OPI alice in wonderland off withher red nail polish

The Classic red is a shade that will never go out of style. Red and its various shades look sensual and glamorous. It stands for class, elegance and sophistication. Women generally opt for bright red. However, if you are scared to go bold, there are subtler shades you can experiment with. Red can be worn to formal dos, office as well as casual occasions. It also suits all skin tones. When wearing red, the nails should be kept short to lower the shock element caused by a talon-like nails.

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